Lufkin Well Manager - Rod Pump Controller

Lufkin Well Manager RPC DynocardsLUFKIN WELL MANAGER (LWM), the rod pump controller from Lufkin Automation, combines the technologies of Delta-X and Nabla. LWM is much more than just a pump-off controller. It can control from downhole card, surface card or motor power. LWM’s powerful, patented technology calculates a downhole card on every stroke of the pumping unit, utilizing the complex mathematical computations found in DIAG™ software. Its flash memory delivers quick upgrades without changing components. An added expansion bus allows the unit to grow with your requirements, from additional I/O to communication ports. Its patented algorithms accurately control and analyze your rod pumping system, making it the leader in rod pump control and total well management.


Download the Rod Pump Controller Data Sheet pdf.

Lufkin Well Manager Rod Pump Controller Data Sheet