Beam Pumping Unit

Renowned for delivering years of reliable performance and value, Lufkin beam pumping units for artificial lift are recognized throughout the world as the industry standard. Every Lufkin pumping unit is an outstanding example of precision engineering, designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the world’s energy companies. Beginning with the introduction of the Conventional crank-balanced unit, Lufkin has continually developed and improved designs through the years, ushering in new levels of efficiency and productivity with each new product.

Lufkin’s portfolio of beam pumping units for artificial lift includes:

Conventional Crank Balanced
Simple to operate and requires minimum maintenance, Lufkin’s Conventional crank balanced unit is known around the globe as the workhorse of the oil patch.

Mark II Unitorque
Available in 50 different sizes, the Mark II Unitorque features a unique geometry that can reduce torque up to 35% and deliver lower power costs.

Air Balanced
Approximately 35% shorter and 40% lighter than crank-type units, Lufkin Air Balanced units are ideal for use as portable or test units as well as for installation on piling or superstructures.

Reverse Mark
Offering an improved alternative to the conventional type geometry, Lufkin’s Revere Mark unit geometry can reduce the torque and power requirements on many pumping applications.

Churchill Beam-Balanced
Field proven since 1954, Lufkin’s Churchill Beam-Balanced unit is the industry’s preferred shallow-well unit, offering the same rugged dependability as our conventional units.

Low Profile
Lufkin’s Low Profile compact pumping units are designed for installation in fields irrigated by traveling sprinkler systems or in urban areas where the low profile feature is appreciated.

Portable Units “Roadrunner”
Able to be erected and fully functional in a few minutes at the well site, the Lufkin “Roadrunner” is a trailer-mounted self-contained conventional pumping unit that lowers for legal highway transport.


Download the Beam Pumping Unit General Catalog pdf.

Beam Pumping UNit General Catalog