Tubing Plungers

Pulling Plunger from LubricatorThe plunger is the heart of the system. It creates a mechanical seal between the fluid in the tubing and the gas pressure in the annulus, which allows for fluid to be carried to surface. The seal is critical to the efficiency of the system.

A plunger style is selected based on the amount of fluid being lifted and the gas pressure available. The more fluid produced the better the seal efficiency needs to be.

Lufkin carries a wide variety of plungers to work in conjunction with common tubing sizes.



  • Sour gas service available
  • All standard mandrels 4140 HR-HT at a 26 Rc
  • All standard plungers available with recoil sub
  • Pad plunger pads are 17-4 ss investment casting to a 38 Rc
  • Tubing sizes:
    • 1-1/2"
    • 2-1/16"
    • 2-3/8"
    • 2-7/8"
    • 3-1/2”